"Bringing Art to the People and People to the Arts"

The Art of Giving

Thanks to support by BRAC’s generous members, volunteers, donors and sponsors we are able to host exhibits, opening receptions and a variety of quality classes. Additionally, we are able to invest in our historic building and grounds to create a strong foundation and welcoming space.

Our Annual Arts Fund campaign is your opportunity to support the arts in your community. Your board has been working hard to sustain and enhance the Arts Center. We ask that you, our members and friends, join us this season by making a donation to our Annual Arts Fund. Your gifts will help us continue to provide cultural and artistic opportunities for our community and surrounding area.

Consider a gift from the heart. Share kindness and honor a loved one by making a donation gift (of $50 or more) to the Blue Ridge Arts Center (BRAC) in their name. Both the honoree and the donor will receive a 5″ x 7″ fine art notecard, featuring a winter-themed drawing by Donna Juras, printed on watercolor paper, suitable for display or framing. The BRAC Development/Fundraising committee will send cards on your behalf. Please click the link below to make your donation and fill out the form to give the gift of art!

Thank you to our Supporters

Fall 2023 Donors


    In Memory of Betsy Barker


  • Martha & Tim Driscoll
  • Laura & Dick Havran
  • Kate Klein
  • Susann Mitton & Alyza LeBlanc


  • Rachel Cavenaugh
  • Emily’s Especially for You
  • Edie Fagan
  • Steve & Kim Warne


  • 4 Paws Only
  • Rebecca Andrews
  • Appellation Wine/Wine Emporium
  • Cherry Street Marketplace
  • Pamela Davison-Smith
  • Ted & Joy Fisher
  • Jill Harris
  • Bert Fox & Nanine Hartzenbusch Fox
  • Deb & Bob King
  • Sandy & Kevin Lawson
  • Vicki & Greg Mountz
  • Newry General Store
  • Painted Fern 
  • Painted Ladies (BRAC Painting Group)
  • Kate Salley-Palmer & Jim Palmer
  • Linda Parsons
  • Billie Sanders
  • Kathleen Santilli
  • Tannery & Sons 
  • T&R Graphics
  • The Healthy Olive
  • United Way of Oconee County
  • Philip Walkenshaw

FRIENDS OF BRAC (up to $99)

  • Glenn Abbott
  • Monica Alles White
  • Jon & Bonnie Bachman
  • Elise Bailey
  • Deana Baker (In Honor of Pat Gehm)
  • Jon Becker
  • Terri Becker
  • Larry & Susanne Bennett
  • Ayme Black
  • Peggy Braswell
  • Kathy Carroll
  • Buff City Soaps
  • Lou Coakley
  • Mary Colatrella
  • Suzette Cross
  • Sue Davies
  • Michelle DeAldrey
  • Sherron Doris-Fergason
  • Joyce & Steve Driscoll
  • John Eargle
  • Janice Espie-Steffen
  • Rhea Fletcher
  • Carolyn Gibson
  • Robert Hamilton
  • Colleen & Paul Hawbaker
  • Jane Harlin
  • Annie Harris
  • Joanne Heintz & Steve Smith
  • Debby Howard


  • Shannan Justice
  • Penny Koppinger
  • Jean Kopczyk
  • Julie & Georg Lamp
  • Donald Hart/Landrith Appraisal
  • Cathy & Robert McAlpine
  • Jerome McClendon
  • Lisha Morton
  • Anna Musgrave
  • Donna Pankratz
  • Donna O’Hara
  • Liz Purcell & Caroline Lander
  • Bonnie & Herb Stevens
  • Susan Rheingans
  • Debbie Rote
  • Amy Royal
  • Kimberly Santilli
  • Kristine Saracelli
  • Anita Seitz
  • Max Shaw
  • Linda Shelton
  • Laura & Grover Smith
  • Susan Stamey
  • Betsy Stevenson
  • Stephanie Therrell
  • Erin Webb
  • Debbie Wesolek
  • Michelle Winnie
  • Barbara Whitney
  • Karen York & Michael Elder

Thank you to our hard working and always supportive Board of Directors

Debbie Rote – President
Kris Saracelli – Vice-President
Alex Vassey – Treasurer
Julie Lamp – Secretary
Martha Driscoll – Ex-Officio President
Glenn Abbott – Member-at-Large
Larry Bennett – Member-at-Large
Chris Cartledge – Member-at-Large
Nanine Hartzenbusch Fox – Member-at-Large
Den Latham – Member-at-Large
Donna O’Hara – Member-at-Large
Linda Parsons – Member-at-Large
Amy Royal – Member-at-Large
Clem Watson – Member-at-Large

Our second annual “Toast to the Arts” event was a rousing success! We had an amazing turnout, enjoyed delicious food and drinks, listened to wonderful music, and generally had a great time among friends. We can’t wait to do it again!