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The National Juried Photography Exhibition at The Blue Ridge Arts Center opens on March 17, 2023 and closes on April 21. The exhibition is open to all photographers in the United States. This exhibit is held in the Blue Ridge Arts Center’s Main Gallery, located at 111 E. South Second Street in Seneca, South Carolina.


Rick Haley is a contemporary landscape and nature photographer who has refined his craft over the last 45 years. Based in Northern California near the San Francisco Bay Area, Rick has worked as a Photographic Workshop and Darkroom Instructor, specializing in Zone System Photography. As a guest speaker for the Arts and Photographic department of Solano College, Rick regularly offered advice and support for aspiring artists as they began to navigate professional, commercial and fine art photography. Rick acted as a test consultant for Ciba-Geigy where he provided feedback on the Cibachrome printing process. Rick Haley is best known for his large format black and white images and his unique printing style; however, he is also highly respected for his broad technical photographic expertise. Rick’s images have been displayed across Northern California, including at the Dynasty Fine Art Galleries of Union Street in San Francisco and Danville, California. Now retired, Rick continues to enjoy his love for photography and regularly travels across the West and Southwestern regions of the United States in search of landscape images.


Thank you to everyone who submitted work. The juror, Rick Haley, selected 80 pieces for exhibition. Please check the list below to see if your work has been selected.

  • Alan Goldsmith, “Blue Moon”
  • Jim Belllling, “Beach Fog”
  • Jim Belllling, “Bus For Sale”
  • Jim Belllling, “Passing Wind”
  • Debbie Biddle, “Under the Old Oak Tree”
  • Debbie Biddle, “First Frost”
  • Debbie Biddle, “Nature’s Kaleidoscope”
  • Deborah Brown, “Georgia Garden”
  • Deborah Brown, “Grand Canyon”
  • James Brown, “Full Moon Rose”
  • Terri Campbell, “Heart of Whitewater”
  • Terri Campbell, “Entrance”
  • Terri Campbell, “Shades of Grey”
  • Russ Carlson, “Little Hunters Beach”
  • Russ Carlson, “Bass Harbor Lighthouse”
  • Russ Carlson, “Old Newry Mill”
  • Suzette Cross, “Here’s Looking at You”
  • Diane DeMont, “Place of Tranquility”
  • Diane DeMont, “Roaming Hillside”
  • Nathan DePue, “Fairy Tale”
  • Nathan DePue, “Irish Brigade”
  • Stephanie DeRyke, “Cold Feet”
  • Stephanie DeRyke, “Let Freedom Reign”
  • Stephanie DeRyke, “Whooo Me?”
  • Gordon Dohm, “Avon Pier At Midnight”
  • Larry Druffel, “Young Eagle”
  • Dan Fleming, “In a Dream”
  • Dan Fleming, “Covered”
  • Dan Fleming, “Just Barely”
  • Brittany Fyffe, “Gates to Lafayette”
  • Brittany Fyffe, “Charleston Connection”
  • Carolyn Gibson, “Night Forest”
  • Carolyn Gibson, “October 31st”
  • Carolyn Gibson, “For Sale by Owner”
  • Alan Goldsmith, “Blue Moon”
  • Alan Goldsmith, “Art Studio”
  • Alan Goldsmith, “Passion Fruit”
  • Frank Haley, “Gold in the Desert”
  • Imtiaz Haque, “Horizontal Horizons”
  • Nanine Hartzenbusch Fox, “Pink Daisy”
  • Nanine Hartzenbusch Fox, “Marsh Sunset”
  • Nanine Hartzenbusch Fox, “White Hydrangea”
  • Larissa Heimlich, “Brookgreen Neon Trees”
  • Larissa Heimlich, “Turnagain Arm”
  • Larissa Heimlich, “Glacier Blue”
  • Joanne Heintz, “Tiny Dancer”
  • Christopher Hepler, “Pelican in Flight”
  • Sophia Hepler, “Life on the Rocks”
  • Don Kelemen, “One Day in Mexico”
  • Sarah Kern, “Seagull Smile”
  • Kate Kirby, “Sunflower burst”
  • Kate Kirby, “Foggy daybreak”
  • Bonnie Lamarand, “Fjord”
  • Julie Lamp, “Rooted”
  • Scott MacInnis, “Seclusion”
  • Scott MacInnis, “A Colorful Past”
  • Scott MacInnis, “The Shining”
  • Chris Miller, “Morning Mist”
  • Chris Miller, “Tidal Creek”
  • Chris Miller, “Head On”
  • Ray Richards, “Edisto Fog”
  • Ray Richards, “The Hustler”
  • Ray Richards, “Midnight Under the Viaduct”
  • Suzanne Roady, “A Monarch Reflects”
  • Suzanne Roady, “Peaceful Anemone”
  • Mike Schlitt, “Male Calliope Hummingbird”
  • Christy Schwartz, “Hydrangea”
  • Christy Schwartz, “Orange Fritillary Butterfly on Yellow Lantana”
  • Susan Stamey, “Carolina Wren in Snow”
  • Susan Stamey, “Dirt Road in Cashiers”
  • Philip M. Thomas, “Mother’s Maple”
  • Clem Watson, “Lower Whitewater Falls”
  • Clem Watson, “Grand Teton”
  • Rachel Watson, “1st Floor – Room 22”
  • Rachel Watson, “Jones”
  • C.T. Weiss, “Girl on Steps”
  • C.T. Weiss, “Up”
  • Barbara Whitney, “Elephant”
  • Barbara Whitney, “Flight of Murres”
  • Barbara Whitney, “Ice Shelf”


  • RECEPTION: March 17 (5:30-7:00 pm)
  • ON VIEW: March 18 – April 21, 2023
    • Wednesday-Friday: 1:00-4:00pm
    • Saturday: 10:00am-1:00pm


If your work is accepted, you will receive a notification by email by February 25, which will include delivery instructions. All work must be ready for installation with wire hanger attached.

Hand-delivered work may be dropped off at Blue Ridge Arts Center on Friday, March 10 (1-4pm) or Saturday, March 11 (10am-1pm). Shipped work must arrive at the Blue Ridge Arts Center no later than Saturday, March 11 in a sturdy, reusable container. Call 561-889-9215 to discuss possible printing of your image locally to avoid shipping.


The exhibition closes April 21. Hand-delivered work must be picked up on Saturday, April 22 (10am-4pm). Shipped work will be returned via UPS and will be insured for the stated value of the piece(s) unless specified otherwise. Shipped entries must include return UPS shipping fees/label or the artwork will not be returned to the artist.

Artwork left longer than 30 days becomes the property of the Blue Ridge Arts Center.


  • Best in Show: $500
  • 2nd Place: $250
  • 3rd Place: $150
  • Honorable Mention (2): $75


  • Artists may offer their work for sale.
  • BRAC will retain a 35% sales commission.
  • Work must remain for the duration of the show. No early pick-ups.


  • Contact Larry Bennett
  • Phone: 561-889-9215
  • Email: larrybennett12@icloud.com