"Bringing Art to the People and People to the Arts"

Exhibition Calendar for 2019-2020

Main Gallery

Earth, Wind & Fire

November 15 - December 12, 2019

Annual Juried Show

January 17 - February 27, 2020

National Juried Photography Show

March 20 - April 23, 2020

"Social Twistancing"
Work by Warren Carpenter and the BRAC Board of Directors

July 17 - August 8, 2020

2020 Annual Members' Show

September 18 - October 22, 2020


November 13 - December 18

Foyer Gallery - Members' Challenges

As a benefit of BRAC Membership, we have created non-juried shows, called Members' Challenges. These Member Challenges will be hung in the foyer. We hope these challenges will motivate our members to explore new directions as artists as they create pieces for these unique show opportunities. There is no fee to participate in the Members' Challenges, but you must be a BRAC member. There are no size, medium or other restrictions. The only requirement is that you create a piece specifically for the challenge. You may submit one piece for each challenge (regardless of whether or not you enter work the main gallery show) which can be dropped offer during our normal show drop off periods.

"Get the Lead Out" & "Animal Attractions"

November 15 - December 12, 2019

"Resolutions" & "Let's Face It"

January 17 - February 27, 2020

A firm decision to do or not to do something, …to be resolute as in determined or unwavering. Resolution, as in “pixels”, denoting the clarity or fineness of detail in an image.

"Let's Face It"

January 17 - February 27, 2020

No getting around this idea,…look them in the eye if you dare! Life’s challenges need to be confronted, addressed and overcomed, or possibly not.

"Junk Refunk"

March 20 - April 23, 2020

Turn your junk into works of art. Found objects, unnecessary items, or just plain garbage to reused and repurposed to a new form. Painting and drawings of yesterday’s wonders having found a new purpose in life.

"Angels and Devils"

November 13 - December 18

Two opposing forces, feelings or figures. The Ying and the Yang, the good and the bad,… which shoulder wins out? Or do opposites attract and you found a way to bring them together?

"Out of this World"

November 13 - December 18

The parallel universe, the other side of the moon, the amazing galaxies,..forces and beings we don’t readily understand. Conversely, creations that are shocking or super dynamic that solicit that response of that is “Out of this World”.

Members Gallery

The Members Gallery was created to give our members more opportunities to show their artwork. Proposals are accepted once a year to fill our 6 show schedule. They are reviewed by committee and selection to fill the 6 slots is made by a random draw of the approved submissions.

"Danielle's Room" - Artwork by Cecile Martin

January 17-February 27

"Painting with Partners" - Artwork by the Painted Ladies

March 20 - April 23, 2020

"Earth Elements" - Artwork by Debbie Bzdyl & Wendy Converse

September 18 - October 22

"Road to Abstraction" - Artwork by Edie Fagan

November 13 - December 18

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