"Bringing Art to the People and People to the Arts"

BRAC Exhibition Calendar

September - October 2017:
Annual Members Show

November - December 2017:
Celebrate Oconee

January - February 2018:
Annual Juried Show

March - April 2018:
National Juried Photography Show

May - June 2018:
Garden Party
- Invitational Show

July-August 2018:
Annual Member’s Show

September - October 2018:
Quilt Show


BRAC Members' Challenges

As a benefit of BRAC Membership, we have created FREE non-juried shows, called Members' Challenges to go along with each of our primary gallery shows for 2017-2018. These Member Challenges will be hung in the foyer and/or the reception hall. We hope these challenges will motivate our members to explore new directions as artists as they create pieces for these unique show opportunities. There is no fee to participate in the Member Challenges, but you must be a BRAC member and we ask that all Member Challenge pieces be available for sale. Below is a list of the challenges for the upcoming year. There are no size, medium or other restrictions. The only requirement is that you create a piece specifically for the challenge. You may submit one piece for this challenge (regardless of whether or not you enter work the main gallery show) which can be dropped offer during our normal show drop off periods.

November - December 2017: "Old is Gold"
Stolen from the adage..."Make new Friends but keep the Old...one is silver and the other is gold." The artists need to start with something “Old” and incorporate “Gold” (paint, thread, leaf, wallpaper...gold whatever) to create a new piece of artwork.

January - February 2018: “New to Me-dia”
Artists should work in a New Media - one they don't normally work in.

March - April 2018: "Art in a Box"
The box should incorporate any 3-D objects along with a background art piece or an assemblage of 3-D pieces. Box can hang or sit on a pedestal.

May - June 2018: "Garden’s Gate"
This will serve as the entrance for the Garden Party show in the main gallery.

July - August 2018: Winner of 2018 Juried Show
No Member Challenge

September - October 2018: “UP UP and AWAY!”
"Up, Up and Away!" as seen through a child's eye.

November - December 2018: “Against the Grain”


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