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Enjoy this virtual visit to our 2021 Juried Exhibition


“Ellie” by Christy Jones / Best in Show

“Margaret Gorman 1921 The First Miss America” by Lori Solymosi / Best in 2D Works

“Parallel Paragon” by Warren Carpenter / Best in 3D Works

“Alstrom Point” by Brenda Hill / Best in Photography

“Emergence” by Connie Lippert / Paul Dohr Award

“Catching the Falling Stars” by Erica Walker / Honorable Mention

“Enzo” by Laura Karns / Honorable Mention

“Positive / Negative” by Jean Kopczyk / Honorable Mention


Thank you to everyone who submitted work to BRAC’s 2021 Annual Juried Exhibition. The juror selected 75 pieces for this year’s exhibition. Please check the list below to see if your work has been selected.

Unaccepted work must be picked up:
Fri, Jan 15 (1-4pm) or Sat, Jan 16 (10am-1pm)

Accepted Artwork

Tony Alford Before the Storm
Teresa Anderson Docked at Marina
Evelyn Beck Smoke Break
Evelyn Beck Graduation
Brent Benson Stump-Rock-Chain-Sphere
Debbie Biddle Crossing Chickamauga Creek
Russell Carlson Natural Abstract
Russell Carlson Rising Above the Gloom
Warren Carpenter Parallel Paragon *Award
Warren Carpenter Twist
Adelaide Carpenter Cubic Orange
Sue Cheney A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell So Sweet!
Wendy Converse Twisted Barrels Tested by Fire
Wendy Converse Pipes and Barrels
Niki Croom Somber Love
Cara Davis Reverb
Diane DeMont Abandoned
Gordon Dohm View From Nature’s Arbor
Martha Driscoll Celebration
Larry Druffel Preening
Robert Eldridge Bull Elk
Edie Fagan Villeneuve-les-Avignon
Veta Finch My Name is Lily
Lois Fitzgerald Remnants of Life
Lois Fitzgerald Poppies
Rhea Fletcher Which Way Did He Go?
Jane Fortier Don’t Look Down
Steve Garner Abandoned Farmstead in Deer land
Carolyn Gibson Outside In
Carolyn Gibson All My Belongings
Mahmood Hamed Beekeeper
Nanine Hartzenbusch Fox Lake Reflection
Laura Havran Dragon Queen
Brenda Hill Alstrom Point *Award
Dan Holman Great-Horned Owl (one-third lifesize)
Dan Holman Wren Amid the Rubble
David Jackson Untitled 1
Sharon Jacobs Chicago River
Robert Johnson The Door Knob
Christy Jones Ellie *Award
Laura Karns Enzo *Award
Kim Keelor Window Box Colors with Antebellum Garden Pole
Linda Kelleher Those Cotton Pickin Birds
Deb King Roadside Sparkle
Kate Kirby Spirit
Jean Kopczyk Positive / Negative *Award
Joy Kuby Caribbean Coral
Bonnie Lamarand Joy, Psalm 95:1
Julie Lamp Infinity
Christina Laurel Survivor #30
Connie Lippert Emergence *Award
Connie Lippert Vista
Cecile Martin Zephyr
Brenda McLean Piedmont Farmstead
Geri McSwain Boyfriend I
Geri McSwain Boyfriend II
Aldo Muzzarelli Rain of Prejudice
Donna O’Hara The Dance
Bonnie Ouellette Isolation 3
Kate Palmer Edisto
Yvonne Park Under The Dogwood
Karen Powell Hideout
Ray Richards It is time…
Lisa Richardson Spread Your Wings
Lisa Richardson Watercolors
Jean Snellings Covid Shaman
Lori Solymosi Margaret Gorman 1921 The First Miss America *Award
Beti Strobeck Composition Number 1
Erica Walker Catching the Falling Stars *Award
Diana Walter Repurposed
Barbara Whitney Winter’s Veil in Black and White
Michelle Winnie Coming Undone
Akasha Wood Snow Devas
Cat Young Smith Mountain Lake

January 15-February 25

Regular Gallery Hours:
Thursday-Friday: 1:00 – 4:00 pm
Saturdays: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm


Denise Woodward-Detrich is the Director of the Lee Gallery in the Department of Art at Clemson University. Before joining Clemson University Ms. Woodward-Detrich served as a Master Instructor at the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities. She received her MFA in Ceramics at the New York College of Ceramics at Alfred University and has maintained an active exhibitions record having been invited to participate in many national exhibitions. Ms. Woodward-Detrich has given workshops in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida and has been included in publications such as Wheel Thrown Pottery by Don Davis, Best of Pottery, published by Rockport Publishers and Studio Potter magazine.

My work is made in response to the proliferation of mass-produced objects that saturate our daily lives and is driven by my ability as an artist to create one of a kind works exploring utility. Utilizing examples found in nature my works explore mechanisms deploying sustenance in the context of surrounding environments.

My investigation into function is positioned on the visceral experience of physical touch, on the relationship between seeing and touching functional objects and on the layered knowledge gained through the accumulated experiences of utility. Functional pots enrich our lives through daily physical interactions and provide a level of meaning and interaction that contributes to the definition of who we are as individuals.

The surfaces of my work are inspired by the intersections of growth and decay unfolding in environs of the natural world. I am fascinated by intimate compositions of disparate elements such as moss and rocks, bark and ferns, seeds and dirt. While seemly disparate they hold an important dynamic in the function of the natural world by their proximity, diversity and response to elements such as water, wind, temperature and time. While these elements enrich our visual world they also provide critical substance for living organisms. I am inspired by the poetic analogies that can be drawn between ecosystems found in nature and the “ecosystem” of the home.


Pick-Up Unaccepted Work

  • Friday, January 15 (1:00 – 4:00 pm)
  • Saturday, January 16 (10:00 – 1:00 pm)

End of Show Pick-Up

  • Friday, February 26 (1:00 – 4:00 pm)
  • Saturday, February 27 (10:00 – 1:00 pm)