"Bringing Art to the People and People to the Arts"

The Art of Giving

Thanks to support by BRAC’s generous members, volunteers, donors and sponsors we are able to host exhibits, opening receptions and a variety of quality classes. Additionally, we are able to invest in our historic building and grounds to create a strong foundation and welcoming space.

Our Annual Arts Fund campaign is your opportunity to support the arts in your community. Your board has been working hard to sustain and enhance the Arts Center. We ask that you, our members and friends, join us this season by making a donation to our Annual Arts Fund. Your gifts will help us continue to provide cultural and artistic opportunities for our community and surrounding area.

Consider a gift from the heart. Share kindness and honor a loved one by making a donation gift (of $50 or more) to the Blue Ridge Arts Center (BRAC) in their name. Both the honoree and the donor will receive a 4″x5.5″ fine art notecard, featuring “Thinking Autumn”, a painting by Beti Strobeck, printed on watercolor paper, suitable for display or framing. The BRAC Development/Fundraising committee will send cards on your behalf. Please click the link below to make your donation and fill out the form to give the gift of art!

We had so much fun last year, that it is worth repeating a second time. The Blue Ridge Arts Center is holding our second annual “Toast to the Arts,”  “fun”raiser at Keowee Brewing on Sunday October 22, 2023 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. $30 of your $60 ticket will serve as a donation to the Blue Ridge Arts Center. Enjoy food, drinks and an evening of fun and philanthropy with your friends and fellow art-lovers and supporters. Also we will feature music by Larry Lebbing and several fun, themed raffle baskets. To purchase tickets, click here. Thank you again for your support of the Blue Ridge Arts Center! 

Thank you to our Supporters

September 2022 – December 2023


    In Memory of Betsy Barker


  • Larry & Susanne Bennett
  • Martha & Tim Driscoll
  • Nanine & Bert Fox
  • Laura & Dick Havran


  • Carter Color Co. –
    Benjamin Moore Clemson
  • Rachel Cavenaugh
  • Rick Haley
  • Linda Parsons
  • Creseda Riccardi
  • Jordan Riffs & Paula Cox
    (in memory of Paul Rote)
  • Clem Watson & Michele Paoleschi
    (in memory of Neva Watson)


  • Dinny Addison
  • Ann Beringer
  • Lou Coakley
  • Lois Fitzgerald
  • Nancy Hartzenbusch
  • Joy Kuby
  • Donna London
  • Elaine Lotspeich
  • Lowe’s
  • Susann Mitton
  • Diane Mohr
  • Vicki Mountz
  • Liz Purcell
  • James & Jennifer Rowe
  • Billie Sanders
  • Kathleen Santilli
  • Kristine Saracelli
  • Stephanie Therrell
  • Barbara Whitney

FRIENDS OF BRAC (up to $99)

  • Cheryl Alterman
  • Glenn Abbott
  • Carol Anne Adams
  • Kate Anderson
  • Jon & Bonnie Bachman
  • Mary E. Barron
  • Jenice Belling
  • Amyé Black
  • Peggy Braswell
  • Cathy Carroll
  • Christopher Cartledge
  • Michele Cauley
  • Lisa Cowan
  • Suzette Cross
  • Sue Davies
  • Pamela Davison-Smith
  • Michelle deAldrey
  • Pamela DeLarme
  • Stephanie DeRyke
  • Larry Druffel
  • Diane Duciewicz
  • Edie Fagan
  • Marion Fanning
  • Ted Fisher
  • Lois Fitzgerald
  • Rhea Fletcher
  • Prudence Gersch
  • Anne Haddad
  • Michael Hammig
  • Stephanie Hanel-Seitz
  • Jane Harlin
  • Candice Hartmann
  • Joanne Heintz
  • Kim Herren
  • Debby Howard


  • Cynthia Jones
  • Kevin Justice
  • Ivan Kershner
  • Deb King
  • Lenore Malin
  • Angela Mataconis
  • Frances Matthews
  • KD McCurley
  • Geri McSwain
  • Lisha Morton
  • Maureen Moynihan
  • Anna Musgrave
  • Donna O’Hara
  • Algerina Perna
  • Elizabeth Phillips
  • Priscilla Pope
  • Elizabeth Razayeski
  • Jill Rees
  • Amy Royal
  • Ann Russell
  • Barbara Shaver
  • Linda Shelton
  • Janie Shipley & Mike Hammig (in memory
    of Kristy Harwell)
  • Stacey Smith
  • Betsy Stevenson
  • Candy Thomson
  • Gina Tunney
  • Steve Warne
  • Jennie Weeks
  • Debbie Wesolek
  • Monica Alles White

Thank you to our hard working and always supportive Board of Directors

Debbie Rote – President
Kris Saracelli – Vice-President
Alex Vassey – Treasurer
Julie Lamp – Secretary
Martha Driscoll – Ex-Officio President
Glenn Abbott – Member-at-Large
Larry Bennett – Member-at-Large
Chris Cartledge – Member-at-Large
Nanine Hartzenbusch Fox – Member-at-Large
Den Latham – Member-at-Large
Donna O’Hara – Member-at-Large
Linda Parsons – Member-at-Large
Amy Royal – Member-at-Large
Clem Watson – Member-at-Large

Our first “Toast to the Arts” event is in the books. We had an amazing turnout, enjoyed delicious food and drinks, listened to wonderful music, and generally had a great time among friends. We can’t wait to do it again!