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“Painting Close to the Ropes” with Lori Solymosi

Wednesday, September 27 – Begins at Noon


My fondest memories of childhood were the daily summer visits to Mamaugin Beach in East Haven, CT. This is where I swam, explored, collected ephemera, and drew pictures in the sand. I was always enamored by of the bathing cap clad women who swam like mermaids far beyond my limits, close to the ropes. I dreamed of someday being able to swim as far as I wanted without a lifeguard’s whistle to call me in.
I filled sketchbooks with childhood drawings. Big-eyes waifs and portfolios of classical nudes from art school. A few years ago, I started collecting vintage photographs of the early 20th century Bathing Beauties. These women have become a source of inspiration for my work. Like the women swimming close to the ropes, they evoke a feeling of freedom. They offer me the opportunity to explore new ideas, collect ephemera and swim as close to the ropes as I want.

About Lori:
Lori Solymosi is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where she received the Prestigious Emlen Cresson Traveling Scholarship, which granted her 10 weeks of European travel along with a private studio for a year of postgraduate study at the Academy.
After the Academy, Lori co-founded the North Penn Art’s Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to the visual arts. She developed an arts education program and held positions of Educational Coordinator, Instructor and Executive Director. During this time, Lori received certifications in Arts Management from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and continued with the Arts Alliance until moving to Michigan in 1994.
In Michigan, Lori continued her career as a studio artist, educator, and art’s administrator. During this time, Lori also developed her interest in writing and co-authored the book, “Almost Touching”, an anthology of Michigan writers.
Lori and her husband, Laszlo, moved to Pendleton in 2004. Since this, Lori has been active in several area arts organizations, has taught art at Saint Joseph’s Catholic School in Anderson for eight years and has won numerous awards. Lori is a member of the Art Gallery on Pendleton Square and a Member in Excellence of SCWS.