"Bringing Art to the People and People to the Arts"

As artists, we are often looking for ‘new’ inspiration…. ‘new’ ideas… and ‘new’ subjects. We travel to different places with different scenery and different people – all in search of ideas that we haven’t seen before and inspiration that we haven’t followed before. In this journey, we overlook that which is right under our noses… the local beauty! For this show, we encouraged our artists to slow down and take in the world that is right outside their doors. Explore places in their own backyards and people they see everyday.

Award Winners

1st Place – “Multicolored Memories of Home” by Joy Kuby

2nd Place – “Keeping Score” by Jeanne Chambers

3rd Place – “Quite Time” by Martha Driscoll

Honorable Mention – “It’s All Good” by Edie Fagan

Honorable Mention – “Wedge Stone” by Michael Peterson

Click on the thumbnails below to view each piece included in “Local Color: Exploring Local People, Places and Things”.