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From The Sea - Artwork by Julie Lamp

On View in the Members’ Gallery at Blue Ridge Arts Center
July 16-August 28, 2021

Julie Lamp is a photographer, painter, weaver, and all around amazing artist, with the ocean and beach serving as her muse. Julie enjoys exploring her subjects in a variety of media. We hope you can see her work in person at the gallery, but if you are not able to make it, we hope you’ll enjoy browsing our online gallery below.


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Basketry by Julie Lamp ~ $110

Artist Statement

When I moved to South Carolina thirteen years ago, our builder’s wife introduced me to basketry. Since I was not able to study art in college, I was fortunate to discover Blue Ridge Arts Center. The opportunity to take classes and interact with other artists has allowed me to try other mediums as well. I find that most art forms share common design principles. Imagination, good instruction and practice are also common to most mediums!

“From the Sea” is an interpretation of a single theme in various art forms. Dividing the subject into “The Sea”, “The Ships” and “The Shore” has allowed me to focus on separate areas related to the central theme. I let the subject dictate whether to use watercolor, pastel, basketry, photography, acrylic, stained glass or collage to represent the images.

I hope you enjoy this exhibit.