"Bringing Art to the People and People to the Arts"

2018 Juried Exhibition

January 19 - February 22, 2018


From Our Juror: Pamala Haddock

It is a tough task to juror and judge an art show and tougher still to write a statement helping to explain why the pieces that were chosen were chosen. When I walked into the room it was obvious that there was great talent on display. I thought about how I have felt in the past receiving my letter saying “congratulations” or just as often, “thank you for your submission but we regret.” For me at times in my life just getting accepted into a show was enough of a prize, yet I must admit that being told I had received an honor, a mention or placing made me want to go to the studio once again determined to create a masterpiece.

In choosing not to include a piece my biggest fear was that someone might feel discouraged. No one who entered deserves to feel discouraged. The fact that you got your work ready and met the requirements of the entry process is a huge effort and a win. As you know with the subjects and materials you chose to work with, art is subjective. Colors, line, form, shape, proficiency with the media and the process, innovation and pushing a medium to conform to the will of the artist were evident in the winning pieces. I wish there had been room to display all the work entered. It all deserves an audience.

As you look at the show you will see that it is difficult for a juror not to see the show as a piece of artwork itself. Instinctually, we begin to see the work as raw material to work with to create a larger work of art we call an art show. So, thank you. I benefited greatly from exposure to your beautiful work. It was encouraging to see the dedication to the process from emerging artists and seasoned artists alike. Your community is enriched by your presence.

Congratulations to all those whose work I was particularly drawn to - your awards are well deserved. To those whose work did not make it in the show I hope you forgive the fact I had to put aside my own memories about rejection and make hard decisions. Go back to the studio, to the process. Spend time with your chosen medium. You are your own best teacher in the quiet solitary times you spend in dedication to the process. The only wasted art materials are those materials that are never used.

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